Steven Mattiussi

Director – Insolvency, Reconstruction and Litigation

Steven works with all levels of stakeholders to preserve and maximise value during periods of actual or anticipated corporate financial stress. He has done so across a broad spectrum of industries (including retail, hospitality, information technology, building & construction, education and financial services) both in Australia and abroad (particularly in Europe, whilst based in London for a period).

In addition to the regular advice given regarding the operation of the Corporations Act, Steven also advises on the Personal Property Securities Act and various regulatory issues in connection with insolvency processes that affect companies, directors, creditors and external administrators. Steven also advises clients on the Bankruptcy Act for any personal insolvency issues, particularly Part IX (Debt Agreements) and Part X (Personal Insolvency Agreements) and is a commercial litigator, having represented clients in all NSW and Federal jurisdictions, and is experienced in leveraging outcomes by utilising various forms of alternative dispute resolution.